Council Bluffs Trees Forever – School Grant Application

  1. This is a 50/50 matching fund grant for the purchasing and planting of trees.
  2. The matching may be in the form of dollars and/or in-kind planting labor. If the entire project is contracted, the match will be 50% of the total (material and labor). When in-kind labor is utilized, an additional 25% of the entire project may be paid by Council Bluffs Trees Forever.
  3. The grant shall be submitted to Council Bluffs Trees Forever a minimum of sixty (60) days prior to the proposed planting date. The planting window is in the Spring (April) and in the Fall (October).
  4. A site plan is required, which contains the following information.
  5. Number of trees
  6. Location of trees
  7. Species of trees
  8. Tree size requirements of Council Bluffs Trees Forever:

                     *1″ diameter at 6″ above the ground for deciduous trees
                     *3’-0” to 4’-0” tall for evergreen trees

                     *a one-year warranty is required from the vendor of the trees

  1. Planting method (shall meet safety guidelines of property owner)
  2. Phasing of work, if required (multi-year project)
  3. Along with the plan, submit the following information.
  4. Estimated costs of the total project
  5. The reason(s) for the tree planting
  6. The proposed planting schedule
  7. The proposed maintenance schedule
  8. Council Bluffs Trees Forever reserves the right to adjust the amount of money granted based on available funding and number of applications.
  9. All applications shall contain the signature, telephone number, and e-mail address of the person submitting the application or (of the Superintendent of Schools or Designee if submitted by a school district), and the project coordinator, if different than the applicant signature.
  10. Council Bluffs Trees Forever shall reimburse applicants upon completion of project and verification of expenditures. Send the completed application to:


Council Bluffs Trees Forever
208 Antioch Drive
Council Bluffs, IA 51503